Indoor Go Kart Track Aerial Drone Video & Photo
360Karting world’s largest indoor Go Kart Track

PhotoFlight Aerial Media drone video production team had an opportunity to take on the World’s Largest Indoor Go Kart Track in Oakdale CT. Our client, 360Karting, worldwide builder and supplier of multi-level Go Kart tracks, was looking for innovative ways to market their go kart track system. They have trusted our professional two operator drone production team with acquiring dynamic tracking shots of racers enjoying this amazing indoor track, and product and layout photos to be used for marketing purposes. Both indoor drone operations and fast dynamic tracking present their own unique set of challenges, and combining them has definitely put PhotoFlight’s experienced drone production team through a test. We take pride in being able to handle challenging and harsh environments, as this is a true differentiator to our clients seeking professional high production value drone video content.

This video was created using a micro 4/3 SLR camera on DJI Inspire Pro drone, the opening cinemagraph sequences are shot with Panasonic GH4 SLR camera. All editing and After effects done by our in-house creative. The track has been closed to the public for the duration of the shoot, PhotoFlight Aerial media provided staged talent.
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Drone Pilot: Mike Gearin
Camera Operator: Petr Hejl
Equipment: DJI Inspire Pro, X5 micro 4/3 camera
Edited by: Petr Hejl
Music Track: Sport by Zaratoaster,