Revolutionary Drone Cinematography and Video Services

We Specialize in two operator professional drone cinematography and video services, delivering stunning video impossible or prohibitively expensive to capture by traditional methods - helicopter, crane, dolly, cable-cam, or "Russian arm". From majestic aerial drone videos to fast, low and close-up tracking of fast moving subjects, our two operator drone teams have the expertise, experience, and passion to deliver the shots you need. We fly RED and other cinematic cameras!

Drone Cinematography and Aerial Video Services:

Drone Cinematography

Our drone aerial videography services allow you to capture professional stabilized  footage from a unique point-of-view in full HD quality including HD, 4K, 5.2K and 8K options. From scenic landscape flyovers to low, fast, tracking action shots, our experienced and skilled aerial cinematography team can do it all. We offer variety of equipment to work with to suit any drone video project need - from smaller action cams, through DSLR camera drones to cinematic camera drone and gimbal packages - Yes, we fly RED!

360-Degree Drone Videography

When you really want your aerial drone video to tell a story and allow your audience to become fully immersed in the experience, our 360-degree VR drone aerial video services are here to help you unleash another level of fully immersive 360 VR video. With this specialty drone video service, we provide our custom heavy-lift drones, capable of lifting larger 360Heros rigs or similar. Our unique solution keeps the cameras 6ft away from the drone frame to minimize the drone imprint in the final video.  360-degree VR aerial drone videos can be viewed with any VR headset or mobile device, allowing viewers to "look around" and explore the scene in any direction for a unique fully immersive experience.

Live Video Broadcast

We are able to provide LIVE HD video broadcast solutions for clients in news media and event production. Our drone operator team is experienced in LIVE Broadcast - we are the provider of Drone Services for NBC News Drone Ranger Program in Northeast US Markets. Combined with our 30x optical zoom drone camera platforms, LIVE drone broadcast is all the rage in news and event production worlds!

Time-Lapse and Hyperlapse Drone Video

One of our specialty drone videography services popular with our marketing and event drone video clients. We can plan and execute impressive professional drone time-lapses and hyperlapses (time-lapse executed while drone camera slowly travels through the scene), over both day and night scenes. Thanks to our unique drone time-lapse video workflow, time lapses are no longer the matter of a good tripod!

Night Drone Operations

Filming at night? We hold an FAA authorization for night operations, and offer our extensive camera and drone experience working in many difficult low light environments.

Dual Operator Configuration

We are especially proud to offer our dual operator aerial drone services, as we believe that our drone production team is amongst the best in the industry. For the ultimate fast-paced dynamic tracking drone video shots, choose our skilled experienced dual operator team. This configuration allows the pilot safely execute difficult maneuvers, while the camera operator is able to precisely frame the shot and maintain optimal camera settings. Remote focus control is available on our cinematic drone units, a third operator is then used as focus-puller. We provide HDMI and SDI Live feed and production-grade monitors. Our dual operator team is ready to provide you with professional drone video services on our midsize SLR and large cinematic drone platforms.

Single Operator Configuration

Some aerial videography projects may only require a single operator - in general shots of static objects that do not require complex tracking skills of dual operator drone configuration. In these situations, we will recommend single operator configuration, where one operator controls both the drone and the camera. While this configuration is more budget-friendly, it is only available with smaller and SLR drone units.

Indoor Drone Video

Our indoor drone videography services deliver the smooth, unusual drone-style shots from indoor environments. Indoor drone videography is quite challenging and requires an experienced drone operator team to execute problem-free and with professional-grade results. Our drone camera operators have flown countless indoor drone video shoots in TV studios, factories, theaters, furniture stores, churches, car dealerships, clubs, warehouses and shipping centers, even a helicopter assembly line and hangar.

Multiple Drone Operations

If you have an exceptionally large event, multiple locations, or looking for multi-cam view of a single important moment, our multiple drone services may be your best option. Use of multiple drones allows us to take multiple aerial videos from different angles for the most extensive coverage. No matter how many drones and operators you may need, our team of professional and skilled drone operators has you covered.

Cinema Action Drone Video Reel:

Laurentiu Stan
Laurentiu Stan
Great crew and company, expert video shooting and editing. Highly recommended.
B Neff
B Neff
PhotoFlight Aerial Media was easy to work with, had all the correct permits and had some amazing photo.
Our film wouldn't be what it is without these guys. Amazing footage, professional, timely, responsive and passionate. We are extremely lucky to have them on our team for future projects. Thank you guys!
Wendy LaMaskin
Wendy LaMaskin
The drone team captured amazing footage of our Audi shoot in action at Lime Rock Park as the Filmotechnic Porsche Cayenne camera car was racing around the track along side the Audi RS models. Fun day and couldn't be happier with the final product.
Ido Gur
Ido Gur
We did a hard project together. Even do we had some ups and downs we were able to come with a mutual understanding that served all sides.
David Hayes
David Hayes
First rate experience. These are dedicated professionals with vision plus a joy to work with. They take on new assignments with enthusiasm and serious enterprise. In our case, they visited the grounds first for a thorough survey, then returned on an ideal weather day for a photo shoot done with precision, sensitivity and wonderful storytelling. Just what we were looking for. No surprises save for the most satisfying result.

Why Choose Us...

A few very good reasons to work with us...


We fly all the time - unlike many other drone operators and freelancers, we offer years of experience flying in countless settings and conditions, with many different types of UAS and camera equipment.


We take pride in understanding our equipment and spend countless hours perfecting our camera skills. Almost anyone can get a camera in the air nowadays, the true difference is in what they do with it once there!


From national TV, media and marketing organizations to smaller production companies and everyone in between, our clients appreciate our professional approach, full redundancy in our equipment, and the countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our equipment.


Our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to their creative ideas and make them come to life in the best form possible. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.

Green Checkmark
Licensed and Insured

We are FAA licensed and insured drone operator, and assist our clients with all necessary permitting, compliance, and insurance administrative tasks.

Latest & Redundant Equipment

We keep up with the drone and camera technology and work with the latest available equipment. We use multiple units and our equipment is fully redundant to minimize down time due to technical problems. We have enough batteries to make it through a day of production without a need to re-charge.

We Understand Production

Our experience working with many production teams gives us the ability to seamlessly work with yours, fully understanding planning, roles, and equipment requirements. Our experienced drone camera operators are ready to work with your DP to deliver results exceeding your expectations.

We Understand Cameras

From choosing the right camera, lens, and media for your project, to proper camera settings and composition - we pay close attention to every detail so our results exceed your expectations and anything our competitors can provide.