We Revolutionize Your Projects With Our Aerial Drone Services

View all our Aerial Droning Services from Drone Photography, Videography, Droning for Events, Aerial Cinematography and much more! We serve customers throughout Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, and all of New England.

Aerial Drone Photography Services

We are the choice providers of high quality, professional aerial drone photography services. From visually attractive drone marketing photographs, to massive, large scale panoramic murals and other aerial photography projects, we provide the highest quality drone art photography, impeccable attention to quality and detail using the best equipment in the industry.

We also specialize in twilight and night drone photography, and drone time-lapse and hyperlapse photography.

Aerial Photography & Videography For Events

We provide aerial drone services for events by providing aerial photography and videography for large and small-scale events in all seasons. We’ll capture the action at the race, concerts, festivals and other large or small-scale events and provide standard solutions to ensure your audience has the best aerial view of the action. Our team of drone operators is ready to take on your project today.

Drone Cinematography and Video Services

Two operator, professional drone cinematography and video services. We deliver stunning video – too expensive to capture by traditional methods – helicopter, crane, dolly, cable-cam, or “Russian arm”. From majestic aerial videos to fast, low and close-up tracking, our two operator drone teams have the expertise, experience, and passion to deliver the shots you need. We fly RED and other cinematic cameras!

Live Drone News Broadcast Services

Our team unlocks the full potential of your news broadcasts with professional Live aerial footage. With our turnkey commercial-grade live broadcast drone solutions, we take care of the equipment reinvestment and maintenance, drone operator selection and training, legal compliance and mission planning.

Drone Marketing, Documentary and Corporate Video Production

Aerial drone marketing for business and product commercials, corporate video production, luxury residential and commercial real estate, golf course and sport facility marketing videos, and much more. All industries can benefit using drone services to market their business and services and will ensure your company will come out on top and gain maximum exposure.

Industrial & Engineering Drone Services

Look no further than PhotoFlight’s team of experts. We’re committed to delivering high-quality drone imagery that takes your engineering project to the next level. Whether you need aerial photography, videography, or 3D modeling, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done right.

Real Estate Aerial Drone Services

PhotoFlight Aerial Media provides residential and commercial real estate drone photography and videography. Choose visually attractive drone marketing photographs, large scale panoramic murals and other photographic possibilities. We provide unmatched quality imagery and provide impeccable attention to quality and detail. From twilight and night drone photography time-lapse and hyperlapse photography, we do it all.