Black Rock Turnpike is a major arterial that serves one of Fairfield’s largest business and commercial districts. The road widths, speed, high traffic volume and numerous curb cuts create an unsafe and uninviting pedestrian environment.

The Black Rock Turnpike Safety Study is the first step in improving conditions for drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit users. Through the study, alternatives for road, bicycle/pedestrian, and safety improvements will be analyzed.

To allow for accurate analysis of traffic patterns and assist in identifying opportunities for improvement, drone technology was used to gather the video data necessary.

Our Goal

Photoflight Aerial Media Team was tasked with capturing an uninterrupted 15 minute video, covering the study area at pre-determined high traffic time.

To cover the entire 1 mile of Black Rock Turnpike while staying within the legal altitude limits set by the FAA and deliver acceptable video resolution, multiple drones had to be used. Seven drone operators deployed seven drones to capture an overhead video of 7 overlapping sections of the area subjected to the traffic survey.

These video files were then stitched together using a special software. The resulting drone video file provides a great amount data about the traffic patterns and behaviors, which will be analyzed by both software and human engineers.

Ultimately, the Study will identify strategies to create a safe and attractive pedestrian environment, a robust infrastructure for bicyclists, and linkages between residential areas and the shops, businesses and restaurants along Black Rock Turnpike.

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