Large construction projects involve many parties and teams - investors, architects, contractors, engineers, regulatory agencies, etc. One of the most important challenges of any large construction project is ensuring that everyone involved has access to relevant and up-to-date information about the construction cycle progress. Using professional drone cameras for construction cycle monitoring provides large and often geographically separated project teams with timely, relevant, and actionable data on the project progress. Our clients find aerial media to be an invaluable tool during their team meetings and calls, as well as to document different stages of their project for regulatory compliance and liability mitigation purposes. Drone photography services also allows them to quickly recognize and address possible challenges and issues.

Our Team offers extensive experience and expertise working with drone cameras, mission planning applications, and legal compliance. Every construction cycle monitoring drone photography project begins with a project briefing, during which we create a mission plan based on our client’s needs - this plan includes desired drone camera angles and altitudes which are then programed into the drone as a waypoint mission, ensuring the same drone photo and video sequence in captured during each visit. The frequency of visits is usually adjusted as needed during the construction cycle. On top of receiving this set, our clients can request additional photos of relevant areas as the need arises.

Why Choose Photoflight Aerial Media for your construction progress monitoring drone photography and video?

Experience - Our team has successfully completed many long-term construction progress drone photography projects, and we put this experience to work for our clients by constantly optimizing our planning process and workflow. We understand how to work on and around job sites.

Dedicated licensed operators - Our drone video operators are licensed for commercial drone work, and drone photography services are our full-time work. You'll never have an issue of dealing with part-time "drone photographer" who may need to take his/her daytime job schedule into consideration while working on your project, and may not offer the flexibility a larger drone operator can.

Insured and Legal - PhotoFlight Aerial Media carries drone video operator liability insurance, and ensure that our drone flights are 100% compliant. We secure all necessary permits and airspace authorizations for operating drones at your site.

Consistency - The path of the drone is programmed during initial planning phase, so each set of drone photos is identically sequenced, and the drone video always follows the same path. Aerial drone photography services of additional areas or details outside of your standard set can be requested at any time at no extra charge.

Equipment redundancy - As a professional in aerial photography drone services, we maintain an extensive fleet of drone aircraft. Our equipment redundancy benefits our clients as no appointments are missed due to technical problems.

Flexible intervals - Construction projects develop at different rate throughout the project cycle. We work with you to determine optimal drone photography services for your project, and constantly adjust to reflect the amount of activity on your site. This means nothing gets missed during the initial and exterior part of your construction project, and you are not wasting your resources at times when no or minimal progress is made (usually interior work phase of the project).

Easy-to-use deliverables - We make our product easy to use by providing you with a Project worksheet - a constantly updated document with links to all drone photos and videos that is easy to share amongst your team, with your vendors, investors, etc. We maintain cloud storage for your drone photos and videos, so it is easily accessible from anywhere. We also deliver drone photos in high resolution and lower resolution to quickly share.

Cost effective - Outsourcing your construction cycle monitoring drone photography projects to a professional drone service provider provides you with access to the latest in drone accessories without absorbing any of the equipment (drone technology changes rapidly in 12–18-month cycles), training, insurance and licensing costs associated with drone photography.

Final Time Lapse Video - After the completion of your project, the drone videos from all visits during your construction project will be professionally edited into a fascinating time lapse video, in which the viewers can watch your building grow in "one drone flight" around your site. These videos are great for marketing and your portfolio!

Final Marketing/Portfolio Drone Photo Set - after the completion of your project, we provide you with a final set of professional drone photos for your photography portfolio and marketing needs. These photos differ from your standard set as capturing your project at best angles and light is more of a priority with photos for marketing/portfolio purposes. Please, visit Marketing section of our portfolio to see examples of our drone photography services for marketing.

Watch a Building Grow in one Drone Flight! This is a drone time lapse video of a large residential building construction. The drone was flown on a pre-programmed path in weekly to monthly intervals over 18 months. We compiled this time lapse video for our client AP Construction from their periodical construction progress drone videos of a site in Fairfield CT.

Photoflight Aerial Media offers these professional drone photography and video services to investors, project managers, contractors, and engineering companies:

  • Data acquisition for pre-construction surveys, Orthomosaics, 3D models, Digital Surface Models
  • Periodical construction cycle monitoring
  • Structural and area drone inspections
  • Thermal camera inspections
  • Future view drone photography
  • Drone Photography and Videography for marketing
Construction Progress Drone Photography in CT by Photoflight Aerial Media

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