As a part of our continued commitment to using the latest innovations in drone and camera technology to offer our clients effective solutions to their aerial video needs, PhotoFlight Aerial Media Team is excited to offer a new drone zoom camera service to our industrial media clients using state-of-the-art DJI Z30 unit. This stabilized aerial drone camera features 30x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom for total magnification of 180x. This incredibly powerful new tool is currently revolutionizing the ways the drones are used in sports, event, and news broadcast, as well as infrastructure inspections and other industrial uses.
Watch the incredible stabilized zoom capabilities of DJI Z-30 camera in our sample video:

News, Sports and Event Broadcast:
DJI Z30 zoom camera gives you the access, perspective, convenience and price efficiency of a drone, while mitigating any disadvantages of using “traditional” drone camera, such as issues with launch sites, proximity to people/objects, or controlled airspace. It gives us the ability to safely capture clear images and live video of scenes from up to 3 miles away, in a fashion a helicopter or a blimp equipped with a zoom camera would. This allows us to safely cover news and events safely and at the fraction of a cost of traditional aerial vehicles with powerful zoom camera systems. With Z30 you can eliminate potentially dangerous situations or risk of damage to assets by flying and filming from a safe distance.

We also have the ability to provide Live HD Broadcast from our drones directly to our clients, using our professional broadcast equipment.


30x Optical Zoom Stabilized Drone Camera by DJI
DJI Z30 30x Optical Zoom Camera at 1 Mile distance.


30x Optical Zoom Stabilized Drone Camera by DJI
DJI Z30 30x Optical Zoom Camera at 2000ft distance.

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