PhotoFlight’s two operator drone team had an opportunity to participate in Audi Sport commercial shoot at Lime Rock Race Park in Northwest Connecticut. Our drone operators coordinated with ground and Russian Arm teams for this project, with an objective to provide Audi UAS with a library of footage of their new high performance vehicles driven by racing legend Hans Stuck on this attractive New England Race Track.

Audi Sport at Lime Rock- PhotoFlight Aerial Media
Audi Sport at Lime Rock- PhotoFlight Aerial Media

If you ever wonder how epic close-up car shots in action movies and car commercials are created, enjoy some epic BTS drone footage of an amazingly skilled crew from Filmotechnic USA filming a new Audi TT RS at Lime Rock Race Track in Connecticut.

Russian arm systems are remote control cranes mounted to a customized vehicle (In this case a Porsche Cayenne Turbo) and fitted with a gyro stabilized Flight Head and professional camera system.

The system takes four operators to run – a car driver, crane operator, flight head operator, and focus puller – all four must work in unison to get the shot without causing any damage to or with the crane.

It is also very likely the only crane you’ll ever see mounted on top of a Porsche and put through its paces on a race track.

Enjoy some great Race Track droning footage of the action by Filmotechnic USA Russian Arm Team: