Be Disruptive, Not Distracted. 
There are many great examples of disruptive technologies over the course of time, Bell’s “electrical speech machine”, the Internet Protocol (aka TCPIP), and the Personal Computer.  By many, these highly leveraged innovations at one time were considered superfluous and unnecessary products from witchcraft and sorcery.  Today, these essential technologies enable organizations both large and small to run more efficiently, communicate more effectively and enable process optimization.  Sound familiar?  “Yeah, we’re evaluating Drone technology to see how it could impact our business” – Of course you are.

Like any emerging technology, you will evaluate, you’ll read, you’ll test and then you will make a knowledgeable decision to change. This is the power of disruption, but will you be distracted by the innovation?   Consider Call Center Operations, Website Development, Logistics, key functions for many companies that are best outsourced.  Why?  Because there are entire businesses that have built an expertise around a function.  Drones are no different.  In fact, unlike these previous examples, drone operations require government authorization, can be dangerous, and require licensed operators.  Can you do it yourself, sure.  But as my mentor once told me, stick to what you do best and focus on that.

Don’t take your eye of the ball, this drone technology is incredible.  Guaranteed, you will be distracted because, it’s innovative, exciting and dare I say “fun”.  Consider aligning with a Drone Operator who holds a FAA authorization. Ask if their pilots are actual FAA licensed pilots.  And if they’re worth their salt, they have also obtained insurance, no less than $2M in liability….

How will you leverage disruptive Drone technology to improve your business and not be distracted? #bedisruptive