What makes outsourcing your drone operation such an appealing proposition?

With so many aspects of a drone operation to consider, including safety and compliance, drone video businesses continues to consolidate and larger, more professional drone services companies emerge.  A larger service provider with multiple aerial drone camera operators readily available around the clock can be an invaluable resource.

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Experience and Expertise.

Professional aerial drone camera operators fly frequently, have experience flying in many different environments and know their equipment extremely well.  A solid operator also ensures a compliant flight, knowing the rules and always ensuring operations follow proper policies and procedures. This means a better final product, less liability and risk, and a more affordable means to leverage this great technology.

Up-to-date Professional Grade equipment.

Just like with many other technologies, the equipment is evolving at incredible speeds. Large professional UAS service providers do a great job keeping up with technology and updating their “arsenal” of equipment like UAV platforms, camera’s, batteries, etc. as needed. Clients then enjoy the advantage of gaining access to latest and best equipment without having to worry about their expensive drone becoming obsolete rather quickly.

Legal compliance and risk/liability mitigation.

The regulatory environment is challenging and at times confusing, and working with a dedicated high drone service provider saves tremendous amount of resources. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to learn to navigate the ever-changing universe of commercial UAS regulations and establish a working relationship with different involved authorities including the FAA, and state and local law enforcement. Larger professional drone service providers usually have people dedicated to legal compliance and liability/risk mitigation, which helps overcome the largest hurdles to most commercial UAS operations.

Focus on your Core business.

Finding the right partner for commercial UAS/drone operations gives organizations the ability to focus on their core business, while enjoying the advantages of leveraging a UAS department for a fraction the cost of establishing and maintaining their own operation. Large and robust professional drone service providers offer reliability, flexibility, consistence, legal compliance, equipment expertise, and professional pilot/camera dual operator experience.  Professional UAS/drone service providers have the means, tools, and experience to help their partners navigate the often-complex process of integrating UAS into their business workflow and can provide them with best solutions that leverage this amazing technology and help the bottom line.

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