Commercial Shipping Drone Photography Services

Project: Seven Seas – a film tribute to 100th anniversary of Union of Greek Shipowners

Client: HAOS Film, Athens, Greece

Deliverable/Objective: Drone footage of Greek owned ships sailing in New York and Louisiana.

Crew/Equipment: Two operator (pilot and camera operator) team with SLR equipped DJI Inspire Pro drone.




In 2016, Union of Greek Shipowners  (UGS) celebrated 100th anniversary, and internationally renowned filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari and Greek production house HAOS film  was asked to create a tribute film Seven Seas, which reflected the greatness of Greek seamanship and shipping in the international shipping arena.

This film first screened in November 2016 at the celebration held at Athens Concert Hall, attended by Greek President, Prokopios Pavlopoulos, the country’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, and three former Prime ministers, among the some 1,800 guests who celebrated the founding of the Union.

MT Aktea Tanker ship captured by drone, Credit: PhotoFlight Aerial Media

HAOS Films Chose PhotoFlight Aerial Media team to provide aerial video footage of  large Greek commercial vessels at two locations in the US – a container ship CSCL Europe in New York City, and a tanker Aktea traversing the Mississippi River near New Orleans, Louisiana. PhotoFlight team used a two operator team and SLR camera to deliver great cinematic footage to the delight of the client.

Some of the challenges we faced during this project was planning and coordination with the ships, as they travel a long distance, and their schedules constantly change to adjust for weather, tides, harbor pilot availability, etc. We stayed in constant communication with the ship’s bridge via satellite phone, and used marine tracking app to get a better idea of the ships location. This was our second large drone video project involving tracking commercial ships, and thanks to this experience we can offer problem-free experience and incredible results to our clients in marine and shipping industries.

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