Client: Impact Absorption, Plainview NY

Project: Runaway Truck Ramp - Specialty Product Line Marketing Videos

Deliverable/Objective: Drone and ground photos and short marketing videos showcasing client's road safety product applications.

Impact Absorption is a leading manufacturer of specialty road safety products and solutions based in Plainview, New York. They offer impact attenuators for both vehicles and stationary obstacles, end & median terminals, moveable traffic barriers, and runaway truck ramp system solutions, including Dragnet™ Truck Arresting System. Impact Absorption has teamed up with PhotoFlight Aerial Media to capture and produce a series of product marketing videos, featuring actual applications of their Runaway Truck Ramp and Dragnet™ systems throughout the US and Canada. Drone Photography and Video are ideal means of filming larger infrastructure projects. Only the drone camera view can offer a comprehensive overview of the entire runaway truck ramp project application and, perhaps more importantly, the entire area and context in which the truck arresting system by Impact Absorption was chosen as an ideal solution to prevent loss of life and property in a tragic accident. The ramp in Avon CT was installed after a 2005 tragic accident in which a runaway dump truck plowed into the morning commuter traffic, killing four and seriously injuring 19 people.

Product Marketing video of runaway truck safety ramp in Williamstown MA

Product Marketing video of runaway truck safety ramp in Avon CT

Drone and Ground Marketing Photo Gallery: Runaway truck ramp systems by Impact Absorption 

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