Lez Bomb Cover

Project: Lez Bomb Movie

Client: Choice Films and Theatricals

Location: Various New Jersey Locations

Deliverables: Aerial drone video footage of various New Jersey locations, establishing and b-roll footage, car following drone footage.

Crew/Equipment: professional two operator drone team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire Pro, m4/3 DJI X5 camera.

Mike Gearin and Petr Hejl, PhotoFlight's two operator drone camera team had a great opportunity to join Choice Films team in filming  Lez Bomb. Lez Bomb is a 2018 holiday comedy about a young woman who comes home for Thanksgiving with some life changing news.

Our drone camera team has contributed great establishing shots for film's locations, b-roll, and car following drone camera footage. Our camera work skills, understanding of production workflow and working on a set makes Photoflight team a great choice for any size film production.

Our clients also appreciate redundancy in our equipment, which helps mitigate down time and waste of resources due to failed equipment.

Official Lez Bomb Movie Trailer

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