Project: Luxury Yacht Tour of NYC

Client: Studio 71

Deliverables: Aerial Drone Video footage and Photographs of Luxury Yacht tour through New York City, NY

Crew/Equipment: Two operator (pilot and camera operator) team with DJI Inspire Pro drone.

Studio 71,  global media production company, has chosen PhotoFlight Aerial Media as their drone service provider/operator for a short documentary about a group of German fashion Youtubers and their trip to the Fashion Week in NYC .

The filming took place in NYC, following a luxury yacht trip down the Hudson and East Rivers, New York Harbor, lower Manhattan and Statue of Liberty. The video library included drone video of Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, drone video of Statue of Liberty at sunset and twilight, and beautiful drone video of Manhattan NYC skyline.

Close proximity tracking of moving ship was required, a two operator team was necessary to deliver impressive footage safely – in two operator setup, a skilled pilot operates the drone, while the camera operator focuses on camera- exposure, focus, framing, and camera movement. Communication, coordination, and cooperation between the drone pilot and camera operator are very important, and our team’s ability to execute two operator shots is what sets our professional drone operator team from our competitors.