Project: Luxury Real Estate Video of an assemblage of private islands in Branford Connecticut.

Client: Private

Deliverable/Objective: High Production Value Marketing video to showcase 8 magnificent islands and a shoreline property.

Crew/Equipment: Two operator (pilot and camera operator) team with SLR equipped DJI Inspire Pro drone.

PhotoFlight Aerial Media Team is proud to have been chosen to produce marketing library for this unique portfolio of private islands set within a tranquil and protected stretch of Connecticut coastline. The Thimble Islands Portfolio is the rarest and most remarkable assemblage of private islands available for purchase on the Eastern Seaboard.

Acquired and completely restored, updated and expanded over 20 years’ time by the current owners, the offering includes 8 private islands with multiple residences, guest houses, amenities & outbuildings. Currently offered by Sotheby’s International Realty, Greenwich CT.

Suitable for large estates, luxury and commercial real estate, custom videos are professionally produced and may include interviews, staging, narration, specialty graphics, actors, etc. No compromise, film production quality, and a marketing masterpiece that sets you apart!

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