Quarry Blasting Photography Drone Footage

Project: Quarry Blasting Project Video

Client: Baystate Blasting

Location: Winsted, Connecticut

Deliverables: Fully produced project video of a large quarry blasting operation in Winsted CT.

Crew/Equipment: professional two operator drone team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire 2 drone, m4/3 DI X5 Camera. Three DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones to simultaneously capture the moment of the blast.

PhotoFlight's Team was chosen by Baystate Blasting to produce a project video of a large quarry blasting operation in Winsted, Connecticut. Our drone operators have carefully planned out this project video shoot to capture the moment of the explosion in slow motion from three different drones positioned over the quarry, on top of capturing the preparations for and the aftermath of the explosion.

Our in-house creative and editing team have worked closely with our client to produce three versions of the drone video for our clients project portfolio and social media. Our drone camera operator's experience with working large job sites have allowed us to work seamlessly and safely around our client's operation and capture the best drone video of the project.

Quarry Blasting Project - Short Version with no Text

Produced by Photoflight Aerial Media for Baystate Blasting.

Quarry Blasting Project - Full Project Portfolio Version with Text.

Produced by Photoflight Aerial Media for Baystate Blasting.

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Quarry Blasting Project - Slow Motion Explosions.

Produced by Photoflight Aerial Media for Baystate Blasting.

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