Hyperlapse is a technique in Time-lapse photography in which the position of the camera is changed between the shots.
Thanks to advances in Drone and Camera Stabilization Technology they can now be executed in the Air.

This Drone Hyperlapse was assembled from nearly 3000 photographs captured with a consumer drone-DJI Phantom 4, travelling on pre-programmed paths at very slow speeds for long periods of time, taking a still picture every 2-5 seconds.

Important Disclosure: Always research the laws governing the use of UAS in your particular country and area.
It is not advisable to fly through the fog to capture images of it above, the.

Instead, find a location to launch from that is already above the fog, which is how this shoot was executed-this ensures the compliance with regulations requiring maintaining visual line of sight with the UAS.

Created by: Petr Hejl, PhotoFlightAM.com