Drone Footage Professional Car Course

Project: WTA, Porsche - Race to Singapore VIP Experience

Client: Full Send Productions, WTA, Porsche

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Deliverables: Drone Video Following Porsche Panamera throughout various locations in New Haven Connecticut. Drone Video of CT Open Event at Yale University Tennis Stadium in New Haven.

Crew/Equipment: professional two operator drone team (pilot and camera operator) with DJI Inspire 2 drone, Super35 DJI X7 camera.

PhotoFlight's Team was chosen by Full Send Productions to help create a short promo video for WTA and Porsche Race to Singapore VIP Experience. The video is about a CT Open VIP guest experience provided by Porsche and WTA to a winner of a tennis challenge.

Our Team spend a day following a Porsche Panamera around various locations in New Haven Connecticut, and events at CT Open, which took place at Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center located at Yale University Campus.

WTA Porsche - Race to Singapore VIP Experience

Final video by Full Send Productions

Porsche Panamera - Car Tracking Sequence

Drone Reel by PhotoFlight Aerial Media

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