Project: World Expo in Milan Italy – World Food Documentary: Cranberry Harvest in Carver Massachusetts.

Client: RAI – national public broadcasting company of Italy

Deliverable/Objective: Aerial video footage – dynamic object tracking & establishing shots.

Crew/Equipment: Two drone operator team(pilot and camera operator) with Panasonic GH4 SLR equipped DJI S-900 drone.

This drone video library was Filmed by Photoflight Aerial Media two operator drone team for World food documentary film, produced by RAI – Italian TV for World Expo in Milan.

Photoflight Aerial Media - CT, NY, NYC, MA, NJ drone photography and video

This video reel was also selected a Winner of Nature Documentary Category at 2015 Drone Film Festival in Nantes, France.

What is happening in this video: The Cranberries grow in cranberry bogs, which are flooded in time for harvest. A special combine is used to loosen the cranberries up from the vines, and the floating cranberries are then vacuumed from the surface into a container truck.

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Location: Carver, MA
Created by: Petr Hejl
Pilot: Petr Hejl
Camera operator: Erick Royer
Music: Romantic by Allegro120,