Project: Winter Driving Clinic by Car and Driver and Genesis.

Client: Fifth Color Films, Car and Driver

Deliverable/Objective: Aerial video footage Рdynamic object tracking & establishing shots.

Crew/Equipment: Two operator (pilot and camera operator) team with SLR equipped DJI Inspire Pro drone.

Fifth Color Films, New York City based production company, has chosen PhotoFlight Aerial Media as their drone service provider/operator for the Winter Driving Clinic video, produced for Car and Driver magazine and Genesis. Since close proximity tracking of fast moving objects was required, a two operator team was necessary to deliver impressive footage safely – in two operator setup, a skilled pilot operates the drone, while the camera operator focuses on camera- exposure, focus, framing, and camera movement. Communication, coordination, and cooperation between the drone pilot and camera operator are very important, and our team’s ability to execute two operator shots is what sets our team apart from our competitors. We chose DJI Inspire Pro drone platform for its speed and a great 4/3 SLR camera.

Source: Fifth Color Films

The filming took place at the legendary Lime Rock Park Track in Connecticut, and the setting could not have been better. In its usual unpredictable manner, New England weather has blessed us with a steady snowfall throughout the day of the shoot, creating ideal setting for winter driving clinic, but a bit of challenge for the production and the drone crew.

Withstanding the cold, windy, and snowy conditions, PhotoFlight’s two operator drone team was more then up to the task, delivering dramatic dynamic tracking shots impossible or prohibitively expensive to get using any other tool or camera technique.

The access and perspective offered by drone technology, combined with our skilled professional drone pilot & camera operator team has added high production value to this well produced video, leaving the clients satisfied with the results.

Our Production clients enjoy many advantages of hiring professional drone operators: legal compliance, operational safety, equipment redundancy and expertise, skilled pilots and camera operators who fly drones often and in many different settings and conditions, understand production workflow and roles, and are capable of delivering high production value dynamic tracking shots.

PhotoFlight Aerial Media is a professional drone service provider, offering high quality aerial drone photography and video services to clients in tv and film production nationwide. Our specialty are complex, fast, dynamic tracking shots that can only be delivered by highly skilled and experienced two operator team.