PhotoFlight Aerial Media is a New Hampshire Drone Photography and Video Production Company, proudly serving NH clients in Film Production, News & Event Broadcast, Marketing, Government Institutions and Engineering Companies


Nobody knows the art of drone video and photography better than us. We have the necessary experience to perfect the craft, and it will show in every image.


We know New Hampshire drone photography inside and out, and we will use our extensive knowledge and years’ worth of experience to make sure you get the image you were hoping for. Our company also has longstanding connections with the UAS/drone industry and the motion picture industry, so we are confident we offer the most qualified drone services in New Hampshire.


When it comes to New Hampshire drone photography, our company is known for creating stunning imagery. Our photographers are the most talented drone controllers in the area, and they always act with the utmost professionalism as they work to get the image you need.


One look at our gallery and it is clear that our New Hampshire drone services are second to none. Our videos and images are true works of art, and they can be utilized in many ways for both personal and professional use.

Drone Video Reel

Drone Photography and Video Production Services in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Drone Services for Cinematography and New Hampshire Drone Stock Footage

Whether you need the perfect opening shot for your film or you require a fast-moving, up-close shot that only a drone can provide, our New Hampshire drone video services will bring your vision to the big screen.


Stunning New Hampshire Drone Photography

When you want a stunning image to show off your property, you can count on us. Whether you want something for your office or your living room, we can get a flawless shot that shows off the property in its entirety.


Drone Services in New Hampshire for Marketing

Any successful marketing campaign involves imagery that will capture anyone’s attention. With our New Hampshire drone photography, it is easy to help your company stand out in both print and online advertisements. We also have the ability to broadcast live from an event to show your fans in real-time, what your business is all about.


New Hampshire Drone Photography for Real Estate Agents

When you need to sell a property—whether commercial or residential—you need to help the potential buyer visualize themselves living or working there. This can be challenging to do when you can only see one room at a time. With our New Hampshire drone photography, we can showcase the entire property in one image, so the buyers can clearly see what they are getting.


Aerial Mapping from Our New Hampshire Drone Services

No matter what type of mapping you need completed, our team of photographers can get it done. With our drone videos, you can get the images you need to properly create architectural renderings, pre-construction surveys, or any other type of detailed map.


New Hampshire Drone Video for Structural Inspections

When you need to inspect the structural integrity of a building, you have to gain access to some challenging locations. However, with our drone video services, it is effortless to get visual access to the locations that you need. Our drone services in New Hampshire also include thermal video feeds if required.


New Hampshire Drone Photography for Tracking Construction Cycles

With multiple construction projects being completed at once, it can be challenging to keep tabs on all of them. With our drone video services, you can get a visual inspection of the site at any time to make sure everything is moving along as scheduled.