PhotoFlight Aerial Media is a Brooklyn, NY Drone Photography and Video Production Company, proudly serving NYC clients in Film Production, News & Event Broadcast, Marketing, Government Institutions and Engineering Companies

Drone Aerial Photography and Videography Services in Brooklyn NY

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Years of Experience

We have been performing drone services in Brooklyn for years, so we have the experience necessary to get you the results you want. Every image will showcase our skill in the craft of drone photography.

Professional Expertise

We are passionate about what we do, and it shows in all of our work. We know drone photography inside and out and we will put this expertise to work for you to get you the image you desire. Additionally, we are connected to the motion picture industry and the UAS/drone industry, so we are able to provide a level of expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

Upstanding Reputation

Our Brooklyn drone services are known throughout the state as being incredible. People know that our photographers are extremely talented and that nobody can control drones quite like we can.

Driven by Results

When you look at our drone images, you will see that our results speak for themselves. Our photos and videos are masterpieces that cannot be replicated, and they can be used for both professional and personal use.

Drone Video Reel

Drone Services in Brooklyn NY for All Industries

Brooklyn Drone Services for Cinematography, Brooklyn Stock Drone Footage

If you are making a movie, then you can depend on our Brooklyn drone services to provide you with the high-quality drone shots you need. We can do up-close, fast-moving shots or capture the aerial video footage you need to aptly set the scene.


Drone Services for Personal or Professional Photography in Brooklyn NY

Whether you need a new work of art to display in your living room or you want a unique way to showcase your property in your office, our done services in Brooklyn can provide you with a stunning image you will be proud to show off.


Drone Services in Brooklyn for Marketing Companies

To have a successful marketing campaign, you need alluring imagery that stands out from everything else out there. Our drone services will provide you with exactly that. In addition to getting the unique photographs you need for your online or offline marketing campaign, we can also broadcast live from any event to showcase your brand in real time.


Brooklyn Drone Services for Real Estate Agents

Selling a property quickly is all about helping the buyers visualize themselves living in the home. With our drone services in Brooklyn, you can show off unique angles and give the buyers the perspective they need in order to figure out the property is the one for them.


Drone Mapping in Brooklyn

From pre-construction surveys to architectural renderings, our drone mapping in Brooklyn and all over NYC can capture the images you need to create a detailed, accurate map of any kind. Whether is a skyline view, or a eagle’s view of the Brooklyn Bridge, our experienced drone pilots can get the exact shot you are looking for.


Drone Services in Brooklyn for Building Inspections

Inspecting a building can be challenging, especially with so many small crevices and corners to get into. With our drone services, you can get the visual inspections you need to ensure that its structural integrity is intact. We can also provide thermal video feeds if needed.


Brooklyn Drone Services for Monitoring Construction Cycles

Keeping an eye on all of the construction projects you have going on can be a challenge. With our drone services, you can monitor all of your construction sites without having to leave the office. With the visual reassurance, you can know that everything is going as planned.